Our Story

How Knappsac Came to Be

Have you ever traveled somewhere and forgotten that essential item? Well, that's what happened to me, not once, not twice but, let's just say, it happened a bunch of times. LOL!  

I'm a working mom who loves to travel and whether I was on vacation with my family or on a business trip, there was always something I needed, something forgotten or a comfort from home I strangely missed. As with most things in life, people find solutions for problems they have & that's how I stumbled upon this idea for knappsac.  

and Then Life Happened

Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer & had to put my life on hold to focus on getting well.  I spent time reflecting on my life, my family, my purpose, & my dreams. I realized in that moment I was not going to sit on the sideline but rather take the bull by the horns, get well & make my dreams a reality, one of which was to take knappsac from a mere concept to a real living business & here it is!

Paying It Forward

I'm so blessed to be given a clean bill of health - an amazing & incredible gift. My dream is for knappsac to be the vehicle that allows me to give back & contribute to finding a cure for cancer.  As such, knappsac will donate 5% of all sales to cancer research!

Michelle Croasdale - Founder